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Panhchaksela Construction Co. Ltd. designs architec- tures and structures of buildings (houses, public institu- tions and factories) roads and bridges. We revise the de- tailed drawings according to clients’ needs. Once the needs and requirements are collected, inter- pretations are made into architectural plans allowing the creation of 3D exterior views, 3D interior views satisfying your business functions. Our proposed architectural drawings are one important step to your trade success. Immediately after determining architectural plans, our technical teams do structural designs by optimiz- ing a cost-effective structure fulfilling your architec- tural needs. With affordable design fee, you have architectural drawings sufficient to submit for con- struction permits and detailed drawings are effec- tively provided to you for bidding, supervising and controlling construction quality. Material specifica- tions are well noted in drawings

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Structural assessment

Panhchaksela Construction Co. Ltd. surveys control the quality, evaluates the building structures, and certifies your building capacity. All these works are our areas of expertise


Our Professions

Panhchaksela Construction Co. Ltd. owns since 1st January 2011 the purpose to be a leading firm in designing, supervising constructions of quali- ty and making

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